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Early Access Program

FieldEdge is evolving

Today we are launching an early release of FieldEdge 3.0

This all-new version is the culmination of over 7 years of experience and feedback from the NationBuilder community.

Built from the ground up for increased stability and to enable faster feature development, FieldEdge 3.0 adds to the roster with new power features to help you win the field.

3.0 introduces an all-new design yet remains familiar to experienced FieldEdge users. Ease-of-use continues to hold center to our product philosophy.

Atop of the underlying "engine" and facelift, we're introducing several new features to take your field game to the next level.

Expanded App Customization

With many new features and information available inside the app, things can get overwhelming for some users. That's why we're introducing more App Customisation features that enable you to show or hide information and features within the app, based on the type of user logged in to the app.
For example... while canvassing the Candidate and Campaign Managers could see donation related tags while Volunteers do not.

Another great App Customisation feature is the ability to highlight or hide certain tags in your nation. For example, if you tag all members in your Nation, this tag can be surfaced to the top of a profile. If you have a tag that indicates a donor threshold (eg. Donated over 50k), this tag could be hidden from general staffers and volunteers but shown to more senior staff.


Hide major sections of the app such as canvassing, mobile CRM or call time

Tag Highlight & Hiding

Select tags from your nation to be highlighted or hidden from the app

Tags & Flags Sections

Only show the tags & flags (member, donor, etc) on certain screens


Hide donation information


Hide certain forms from the profile or edit screens


Hide certain actions from being accessed


Hide NationBuilder statuses from contact options

More Coming Soon

Let us know what App Customizations you'd like to see

New Campaign HQ

An all-new Dashboard brings all-new campaign capabilities to manage, monitor and optimize your campaign strategy and team performance.

Team Management

Deploy FieldEdge to your team more easily than ever

App Customization

Customize the App experience extensively based on the user's role

Live Tracking

Keep tabs on canvassers activity and spot location anomalies

Campaign Performance coming soon

Track your campaigns performance in real-time

*Campaign Performance features coming soon
About Early Access

Things to know

  • FieldEdge 3 is not fully compatable with the current FieldEdge (2)

    The walk completion status is not backwards compatible so if you are sharing lists with other users, progress made in v3 will not be visible in v2. For teams canvassing together, we recommend moving everyone to v3 before sharing lists.

  • FieldEdge 3 is not 'feature complete'

    - Proximity Walk^: when you go to add a walk, you will be presented the option of Traditional Walk or Proximity Walk. Tapping the Proximity Walk button will not doing anything.

    - Canvass workflows ^: in the household view, you will see a button to Start Household Canvass. In the near future it will enable you to canvass the whole household at once. The way you complete households and move to the next one is still being tweaked. List view is still being tweaked and will match the map views eventually.

    - Dashboard: you are not able to login to the web Dashboard yet. This limits the following features:

    - Mobile Users: send us a message with the name + number of anyone you want to add as a mobile user

    - App Customization: send us a message to customize your app experience

    - Reporting: coming soon

    ^ indicates feature available in 2.0

  • How do I install FieldEdge 3?

    We are currently in very early beta testing mode so getting up and running requires a few extra steps. Once your access is approved, we will send you instructions.

  • Access for new or existing customers

    We are offering a free trial for new and existing customers. After the trial ends, you can select a new plan or keep your existing plan (and lose access to the new features).

Request Early Access to FieldEdge 3

New and existing customers can try all our new features free 

Request Access to FieldEdge 3

New and existing customers can try all our new features free